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BEOMASTER TERMINAL (6000, 1980s) for Beogram operation

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etype76 posted on Sun, Nov 20 2016 8:42 AM

I've been using the Terminal more than I thought I would, having control over volume is very handy. I have my Beogram 8002 connected via DIN cable. What do the blue coloured keys do at the bottom of the remote? The cable I have doesn't allow me to access these key's functions. What cable do I need to do this? and could I use << and >> to toggle between tracks on a LP remotely? There's also STOP and RETURN, surely stop would return the arm anyway? Are these keys for dual function with Beocord then? 



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Peter replied on Sun, Nov 20 2016 9:17 AM

They are for operating the Beocord. Later Beomaster did have the facility you want - a 5500 can move the tone arm. I no longer have an 8000 or 8002 so confess I cannot remember if the tone arm could be moved remotely - no doubt an owner will be along soon!

As you are a silver member, there is a manual (a very small multi-language one!) for the Beomaster 6000 remote on site.


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