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New Deezer App Beoplay V1 / BV 11

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Fansastic posted on Thu, Nov 17 2016 10:13 PM

Finally the new Deezer app for the V1 / BV 11 has arrived and it seems to work flawless. Now hopefully B&O takes it up at their side to update the software so that the Deezer app can also be selected through the source button ( i.e. A-Mem button on beo4). For now this way the old buggy Deezer app is stil activated. 

Does anyone on the forum knows if  B&O will keep updating the 1gen smart tv software? The BV11 is still on sale.



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I tried out the built-in Deezer app on my V1 yesterday - the result is exactly like with my Avant....laggy, slow, unuseable.

Both tv’s are wired and internet speed is far more than enough here.

Honestly, I can’t see what has changed - and I am rather confused that some people tell, that the app is working well at their places.

Besides  -  there has not been any updates for the V1/BV11/Avant 1st gen platform for ages!


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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MM maybe by having it in the Gallery as opposed to the old native app that its easier to update any erroneous links eg Radio Paradise etc that have happened over time.

I still find it laggy and I have everything cabled in.
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