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Tone controls & Powerlink with ML/NL converter

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Chris posted on Wed, Aug 24 2016 7:31 AM

The ML/NL converter is very much underestimated, probably because its a hideaway box. It does his job in the B&O chain and lost attention. But aside using it only to get interaction between the old ML system and the newer NL network, you can also use it to drive some extra speakers, either passive or active.

On my Dropbox I have saved the comprehensive installation manual (consulted on several occasions by other Beoworld members), but there is very little or non specific information to find in this manual for using it as an extra driver in a linked network.

Does anyone has experience with the powerlink output of the ML/NL converter in using it to drive loudspeakers or a Beolink Passive with the IR eye connected.

If so, is it also possible to adjust the tonal balance of the speakers, or can you only control the basic operations thru the converter with the IR-eye.

Please post your experiences if any.

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I have the same question: using the normal operation instructions of the remote doesnt work (a.setup > bass > up down) 


did you figure it out?


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Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust sound settings (bass/treble/balance/loudness) on the NL/ML converter itself. That is a big limitation when using the NL/ML stand alone with beolabs connected to it.

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As usual B&O create a frustratingly almost perfect product! I love mine but I really wish they had included tone controls in the magic box. I think the BLC is one of the best products B&O offered- amazing integration options to keep classic products alive. If it had time controls and airplay it would be brilliant. If it included the delay box and power box (optional extras that really should have been part of the original design) it would have been perfect!

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