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Beosound9000 and Beosystem4 – How do I connect?

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genius Posted: Tue, May 10 2016 2:31 PM


Hey there!

Does someone know how I can connect my Beosound9000 to my Beosystem4 using the Beolink Converter NL/ML? Currently, the the converter cannot connect to the Beosound. The setup used to work (mostly), but since it stopped working, I've been trying different configurations for the converter.  Does someone know the right configurations so that I can press CD for the Beosound? When I press CD, the TV should turn on and the converter should connect to the Beosound9000, so that the music can be played through TV – or the speakers which are connected to it respectively.

  • 4 beolabs hooked up on the Beosystem
  • Beosound9000 connected to the Beolink Converter NL/ML via MasterLink
  • Both Beosystem4 and the converter connected to the internet
  • Beosystem on option 2; and beosound on option 0
  • ML role: V Master (is this correct?)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Duels replied on Wed, May 11 2016 1:31 PM
I can't help you personally but you will have greater success if you raise this in the general forum Big Smile
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