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Beosystem 2500 CD laser read head gone crazy

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aerowerks posted on Fri, May 6 2016 7:23 PM

I recently purchased a nice used Beosystem 2500, it was in ok shape, needed good cleaning and belt replacement on the tapedeck. The system worked great until couple days ago then it started acting crazy. While I had it on AUX input listening to my MP3 player, I noticed that the CD reader started bouncing around as if it was searching a CD and a faint popping noise started coming through the speakers. But, here is the crazy thing, when the input is switched to CD, the reader goes into its normal parking position and the CD's play normal without any popping. No visible damage on the pc boards or connections. I am stomped - any ideas?

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The keyboard on these machines tend to becoming conductive with age,and can cause all sorts of odd problems like this!

With the unit disconnected from power,try working through all the buttons,particularly the cd one's.If the problem disappear's or worsen's afterwards, it will suggest that is the culprit.

There used to be a repair kit from B&O(still may be?)for this issue,otherwise you may be able to find a salvaged part.


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