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Cleaning/labelling the Essence Remote

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Chris Hassell
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Chris Hassell posted on Thu, Apr 14 2016 9:06 PM
Does anyone have any experience with cleaning under the round plastic cover on the front? I have slight liquid marks that have crept under the edges after an orange juice was spilt on it (OH I LOVE MY 3YR OLD DAUGHTER SO MUCH Stick out tongue).

Probably a similar task: has anyone tried replacing the labelling underneath this plastic disc (if that's what it is). Could make it even more handy as a home automation room remote??

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Public Service Announcement: Now both Nuimo and Click are sold-out on Senic's own website, AND the Sonos website has them at a discount (albeit modest).  I imagine this means, like the Essence wheelie, they are about to go away.  (Notice that even @laseralex got a Halo instead of trying to hack up a display!)  Good riddance to Bluetooth accessories vs. Wi-Fi, but I doubt that Senic is going to do a Halo clone...  Anyway, last chance, for those of you who put a cheap Sonos system into "the vacation cottage" rather than populating it with expensive B&O equipment like the main mansion.

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