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RX2 and datalink

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Steve posted on Fri, Mar 25 2016 5:53 PM


although the RX2 has RCA cables... Does it have the circuitry to be controlled via Datalink like the other similar models that use a DIN plug? 

if so.. Is it easy enough to convert it to a Datalink-enabled DIN machine for use with a Beocenter 9500?

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The RX2 is essentially a BG2000/5000,adapted for use with non B&O amplifiers,or earlier non data link enabled kit.

It might be possible to upgrade it by replacing the main pcb with one from say a salvaged 2000/5000?

You would need to rewire too of course,to provide the Datalink connection to the Beocentre

If your RX2 is in exceptional condition,and you have the patience and expertise to attempt the work,it's probably do-able,but otherwise it's probably more practical to look out for a nice compatible data link enabled turntable to compliment your Beocentre?



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