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Beogram CDX

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Lewis T
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Lewis T posted on Mon, Jul 16 2012 12:52 PM

Hi, I have recently brought a beogram cdx cd player its mint condition and has been working fine until a few weeks ago. When you load a disc it don't spin up, you load the disc and it moves like a centimeter and stops and on the screen it displays somthing like a question mark. However some times you put a disc in and it works with no problem straight away. its really starting to annoy now Ive tried everything different amps, different cds even a laser cleaning disc but doubt that would do anything because the way the laser shines though the little rising platter thing.

Any help or idea would be appreciated



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I have the same problem with a cd-x I recently bought.

So I started to resolder all the connection but it still won't work. Measured connections and they are all good. So far my knowledge off electronic reaches so i am out of options.

Any other ideas?


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Many things can go wrong. Trouble is, if you don’t have basic electronic knowledge, you will stall here.

Several ICs are prone to failure, then transistors, regulators... and perhaps capacitors too. I think I’ve had them all on these players (CD104 mould).

The RAFOC very seldom gives up the ghost.

Are you able to read a service manual?


Anders Jørgensen
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A CDX is a wonderful cd player from B&O and they do come with a need for service due to age at some point in their lives. 

Mine was a basket case with a broken left hinge but thanks to this forum and Dillen it got saved and most likely still works and plays beautifully today.

I agree with Chartz is that could be a lot of different small things causing faults and it is down to the induvidual CDX but most of the time once trouble starts thats when the need for service is called for.

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