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Beosystem 4 question

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Razlaw posted on Sat, Feb 13 2016 1:28 PM

i have been considering replaicng my BV7-55. Yesterday I saw the new LG Signature 65 inch OLED. It is amazing.  (Will be going back to dealer in couple of weeks as received invitation to Beolab 90 demo)

Could, and how would, I use the BS 4 with the LG? Would the BS 4 turn it on and off? Could I bypass the LG's built in speakers?

Basically I want to use my B and O speakers, have B and O control and connectivity with rest of my B and O.


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Answered (Verified) dasun replied on Sat, Feb 13 2016 1:41 PM
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It should work without any problems. I am using a Beosystem 4 with an Epson beamer. All I have connected to the Epson (which in your case would be e LG) is the Beosystem 4 via HDMI. Everything else (speakers, BluRay, Sky, PS4, AppleTV, Sonos) is connected to the Beosystem 4.

I am not sure though, if you can use the Beoremote to use the LG TV. I am using the Epson remote to start the Beamer, my dealer told me, it would be too costly / complex to integrate my beamer with the Beoremote. Might be different though with the LG TV.



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Well i’m Having no luck in getting a LG PUC - and it’s a bit irrelevant anyhow as I’m controlling via hDMI CEC.

I’m having some overscan on the TV, but can’t find the service manual for the Beosystem 4 to find the service menu to make changes. Any idea?

I don't have the service manual, but I do have some more technical manuals regarding the BeoSystem 4 with information about the pinouts that someone as technically inclined as you might find of interest. PM me if you'd like me to send them to you.

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I am even poor than you. My SONY 75 Z9F don't have HDMI CEC function, just only Bravia Syn. Unfortunately, Beosystem 4 of course don't support. So I have to use SONY TV controller open TV than use Beoremote one ................ Anyone have PUC for SONY TV? thanks

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There is no way to get sound from the internal sources (of the tv) and to control these.

If the TV has Audio out you could get the sound from the tv to the Beosystem.

I used this with a Beosystem 3 when the TV was in its own TV mode... (sure had to use lintronic (better than the Sony remote ;-)) to switch from HDMI input on TV to the TV itself - was used for the TV apps).

Might be possible with Beosystem 4 as well (I have not seen it yet or read the manual...).



Got a new Sony KD-85XH9096 this weekend and connected it to the Beosysytem 4.

To use the internal apps (Netflix 4K, Amazon Prime 4K etc.) i ran the digital audio out (Toslink) via converter into the SP/DIF input of the Beosystem 4.

TV button on Beo 4 is configured to HDMI 5 (as a dummy) using the SP/DIF input.

This way I can use the Sony Apps with the Beosystem 4.

Sound (volume) via Beo 4, no overlay though. 

Now with Lintronic you can even just use the Beo 4 remote to control everything (did not have the time to set this up)

Some photos (in German) to show what I have configured.

Have a nice sunday,



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