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PUC support for the Arcadyan HMB 2260 set-top-box in combination with Beoremote1

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ramridder posted on Fri, Dec 25 2015 2:07 PM

I recently purchased a Beoremote1 to replace my BEO6 remote. I can control almost everything with the PUC for Kreatel 1760, however it does not support the buttons Guide, Info and TEXT, which are pretty fundamental.
Has somebody found a solution for this? Probably I need a PUC for Arcadyan HMB 2260 but I cannot find this

My second question is about removing N.Music from the display of the Beoremote1. I have products Beo4 Audio and Beo4 AV as I got a Beovision 10 and Beosound 2500. In the show display I only tagged Audio, CD and A.Aux. But still I see N.Music in the top, that is causing to jump to nowhereland.
Has somebody the same issue, and how to overcome?


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