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Beolab 8000 + Beosound 9000 connectivity

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libor posted on Fri, Sep 4 2015 11:57 AM

Hi B&Oguys,

I am going to buy Beolab 8000 and Beosound 9000 later this month and I wonder about connectivity.

This will be my first B&O gear of this kind so I have no experience. I learned that there is one powerlink and one cinch on each speaker. Plus there is one AUX on Beosound 9000. Now, I have 3 sources of sound: Beosound 9000 obviously, my Apple Airport Express (3.5 jack out) and my Tv (not B&O, 3.5 jack out).

So my question is, how do I connect these 3 sources to Beolab 8000?

I reckon I can connect Beosound to Beolab's powerlink, Airport to Beosound's AUX input and my TV to Beolab's cinch input, but then I would have to switch the connector in the back of both Beolab speakers to the Line position everytime I would want to watch TV, I am right?


If I am, this is not very practical solution. Is there something I am missing or is there some kind of HUB for this?

Thanks very much and excuse my english. 

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Look for Almando switches for auto sensing (almando multiplay or stereoplay (?))


Get some sort of Aux Ecpander that needs to be switched manually


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