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Share your thoughts and pictures from the 'Love Affair Collection'

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carlito posted on Tue, Jul 14 2015 7:46 AM

Dear Members,

Since the Beolab 19 woofer is available in rose gold, I'm interested to buy a pay of rose gold Beolab 18 with Beolab 19. I’m still a bit unsure if this will be the right decision or if I get bored about the color after a few months… please share your thoughts.

I searched in the forum and most people are fascinated from the Beoplay A9. Does anyone here has another product from the Love Affair Collection at home? Then please share your pictures.

Have a great day - Carlo


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Well, look at this!

The colour from the "Love Affair" matches (for about 95%) with the stripes on the Beolab/vox Penta.

Some call it an "outdated" colour on an "outdated" loudspeaker.

But imho,  updating the Penta with new black cloth and looking and comparing the edges from the new Avant with the edges/corners from the Penta, makes them a perfect match I say!

Together with the full upgrade and overhaul on the mids, filters, boards, amplifier etc, then who's talking about an outdated colour on an outdated speaker?

I quess not anymore.


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Are you just using the BL18s and 19 for music?  I have the BL18 on their own and I think they sound fantastic.  So I was wondering how much of an improvement you feel the BL19 makes. I'm a little bit tempted........

@Duels: After listen some evenings with the BL18 & BL19 combo my personal advice is to add an Beolab 19 for many reasons.

  • Beolab 19 is build for music.
  • You can hear it and it's not over present but it is well balanced and not like booomy as the Beolab 2 was (hard to describe in a foreign language)
  • Lift the Beolab 18 to another level of speaker - clear and crisp sound underlaying with a nice bass
  • Easy to place do the WISA capability

Suggestion: try to get a one for a demo from your dealer


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Sal replied on Thu, Aug 6 2015 3:30 PM


You're right about the use of bass for ominous points in movies and such. I've noticed that more and more shows and movies use deep bass as a way to build tension, usually people don't even notice some of it if they're into the movie or such, just that they get tense. One of the first movies I ever saw that did that was "Jacob's Ladder." The scene where he has a total freak out and hallucinations during a party, as he's walking thru the crowded room, before the visions start, there's this sub bass, deep, at first very low volume tone that increases slowly until the freak out starts. Really really adds to the stress and creepiness of the scene.

Not to mention the deep background bass in Science Fiction when the setting is on a starship. It really does add so much to the scene.

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Duels replied on Thu, Aug 6 2015 3:54 PM
@carlito. Thank you for your feedback. I was hoping you were going to say you preferred the BL18s on their own Big Smile. My dealer is very local so a home test will be no problem. The problem is that if I get a BL19 into my house I simply won't want to let it leave.
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Fully agree!
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