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Beosound 5 and HD music files

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VANTAGE posted on Wed, Jun 6 2012 6:52 PM


Hi all,

I am confused and hoping that somebody here can give me a bulletproof answer ;-)

I am the happy owner of a BS5/BM5 combo. All my music is in lossless-format, ie. in at least CD quality (16 bit-44.1 KHz), sometimes above (typically 24 bit-96 KHz). Regardless of quality or format (FLAC, WMA…) everything plays well on my system.

Here’s the question: on a well-known Danish B&O forum, I have read that BS5/BM5 does not play above CD quality, ie. if a file is provided in a higher quality (FLAC 24 bit-96 KHz for instance), it is “downgraded” to 44.1 KHz before being played. In an e-mail I have received today from Struer, I am even told that any FLAC-file above 48 KHz needs to be converted to 44.1 KHz before it can be played: that’s just plain wrong, as I haven’t touched the high resolution music files that I have bought, and they all play correctly. B&O also tells me that having BL5s (with digital cables and with BL5 selected as speakers in the BS5 menu) does not change things one bit: it will still be CD quality (44.1 KHz), no more.

Now maybe I got things completely wrong, but here on Beoworld I have read that the BS5 Encore can play up to 96 KHz and the BS5/BM5 combo, up to 192 KHz.

To sum things up: I know for a fact that my system DOES play files that are above 44.1 KHz or even 48 KHz. The question is whether it is playing them at the original high frequency, or not? Am I wasting money buying the more expensive HD music files? I mean it’s pretty pointless buying HD files if they get downgraded to CD quality anyway, right?

Can anybody here confirm FOR A FACT that BS5 / BM5 plays HD files correctly, at the appropriate original high frequency?

Many thanks for your support and guidance on the matter Smile




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flachd replied on Tue, Mar 31 2015 4:33 PM

I dont know which exact hardware do they use. I just know that they do it. Try to write them straight, maybe somebody from this site will answer you.

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