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Advice on non-function Beomaster 6000

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ddsherman posted on Mon, Feb 9 2015 5:16 AM

I recently acquired a Beomaster 6000 that is not fully functional. When plugged in, the decimal point of the FM tuner comes on (I believe this is normal). But when I attempt to turn it it on, it only stays on for about 2 seconds.

I assume it needs some recap work. Any suggestions for getting started?

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Dave Farr
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Welcome to Beoworld.


1.  Upgrade to Silver or Gold membership to get access to the service manuals.

2.  Search the forum for BM6000 repairs or similar and you will find many threads that cover this restoration.

3.  Contact member 'Dillen' for a recap kit.

4.  Read up on all the information you can find before you dive in.

5.  Post lots of pictures here and ask questions if you are stuck or aren't sure.


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pocok replied on Tue, Aug 14 2018 8:13 PM


I have a similar one. Please replace all 4 trimpots and capapcitors on the power supply and output bords. Do not try to turn it on again till not done! Output transistors can be damamged.

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