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Beoworld on Spotify

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9 LEE replied on Fri, May 22 2020 4:03 PM


I don't like the SPAM here on BeoWorld, but in this case I can almost let it go, as it has brought a great old thread to the top of the forum. :)


I think we do pretty well actually!  We always defeat the bots, and the only time we do get spam is when actual humans register accounts on behalf of spammers. When this happens we're always on it as soon as we can, then we delete that account so they can never do it again.  

If we get a sustained 'attack' from a certain area we put a temporary block on the whole IP range for that region or country, or in severe cases we switch to 'moderator approval' for all new members.

We really do try our best, and it's really disappointing to hear that a member is unhappy. I can only apologise if you think Spam is a real issue on the site Sad


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As one of the die-hard readers/writers on rhe forum I can only say, that you are doing an excellent job.....thank you very much!


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laseralex replied on Fri, May 22 2020 7:19 PM

9 LEE:
We really do try our best, and it's really disappointing to hear that a member is unhappy.

What prompted my comment was the last post before mine: a newish member (JackHughes) with only 4 posts, each one promoting the same music converter tool.  It's obviously SPAM, but the point of my comment was that he brought a really great thread to the top of the forums and I got a fun music playlist out of it.  

My comment of frustration was directed at the posters of the spam, not the people who have to clean it up.  I expect that it is a large job to manage the spam, and I appreciate all that you do to keep it down.

I appreciate this forum, and really enjoy the lovely little world you have created here for us.  I sincerely apology for upsetting you, Lee.  


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