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Spotify connect player for BS5

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beolion posted on Wed, Nov 5 2014 6:19 PM


It does not looks like we are going to get Spotify Connect for BS5 ;-(

However, does anyone know that the cheapest system is that I can get to have Spotify Connect?

I then want to attach the system to the USB interface of my BS5, so I dont need a Spotify Connect speaker.

Just like PM or Airport Express with audio out, just also including Spotify Connect.



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The version that we ran on XP was already not supported since some time, I suppose the rest of the applications moved one and this one was left behind.

Anyway, this crap is not Spotify's fault.

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pauel replied on Tue, Dec 3 2019 3:19 PM

... a Behringer connected to BS5 + an aditional Bluetooth Receiver for e.g. iPad or Phone connected to the Behringer... will that work out?

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