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AC transformer specifications beogram 4002 type 5511 needed

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eccehomo posted on Tue, Oct 14 2014 3:30 PM


The primary of the transformer of my Beogram 4002 is shorted. My BG4002 has type 5511. The schematics I've got don't fit what I can see. The transformer has a single 2 wires output (but 4 inputs offering combinations for 110 130 220 240V by playing with 2 windings).

A thread on this forum ( talk about a 2x24V output for a 5511. So I'm lost... 


1 - what are the good AC output values (V and A) for the transformer ?

2 - what is the good DC voltage for powering the PCB ? I read at many places a value of 31V and around 650mA for the current to provide. Are they the correct values ? 

I post some pics, maybe they can help.

Thank a lot for helping.

The 2 fuses are for the 2 inputs primary windings (and not one for the primary and one for the secondary). The two primary windings don't seem to be identical.


There is only one output... that is the 2 blue wires that we can see going into the connector powering the PCB.


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