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beolab 4500

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lotus73jps posted on Mon, Oct 13 2014 12:22 PM

hi just arrived are my long awaited beolabs 4500 but looking at the back off the units the label says beolab3000 -6712 before I get back two the seller I would like to know if the only diffrents is the display panal plus would the diffrents in price on both models

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Beolab 4500 Active Loudspeakers Speakers 1991 - 1995
Beolab 3000 Active Loudspeakers Speakers 1988 - 1992


Age for sure.

Displays, too, but not a 100% sure.



PS: Price difference depends on the prce you paid...

Living Room: Beosystem 4, Beolab 7-2 (Center), Beolab 9 (Fronts), Beolab 8000 (Rears), no Subwoofer. Screen: Sony KD-85XH9096
Dining Room: Beosound Essence MK II with Beolab 4000 on stands, fed by Amazon Echo Show 8
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Bedroom: Sony KD-65XH9077, Beosound Essence MK II with Beolab 6002 and Beolab 11 (all white, wall-mounted)

In storage: Beolab 5000/Beomaster 5000 (1960s). 

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beaker replied on Mon, Oct 13 2014 1:54 PM
The simple way to tell is the displays. Orange displays = Bl3000

Green displays = Bl4500

I did see a pair on eBay that were listed as 4500's but we're obviously 3000's because of the Orange display.

Unless the display colour bothers you if the condition is good I would be just as happy with the earlier ones. Condition is everything with these. I would point out the age difference to the seller and see if they offer you anything to sweeten the dealWink
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Serialnumber - first two digits?


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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hi beaker must be the ones I brought on ebay still think the seller should have been honest

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Leslie replied on Thu, Oct 16 2014 8:35 PM

The simple way to tell is the displays. Orange displays = Bl3000


Green displays = Bl4500


Not always, I have 2 pairs of Beolabs 3000 with green displays, how come?

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kevizno1 replied on Tue, Feb 16 2021 11:54 PM

My dad used to live and work in Denmark and loved all B&O stuff, these speakers were one of his favourites, we had the long ones and a pair of medium size all with orange display to match. It was not uncommon for this range 3000, 4500, 5000, to be configured with different amps as they are practically the same. It depends on what display you preferred green or orange. I've seen Beolab type 6721 (4500 size) with a 5000 amp and marked up as such. On check the last photo of a 4500 with orange display. Anyway, without amps they are just beovox, if you have an amp fitted and they work then all is fine, also understand why you could be confused. These speakers still look fabulous now, can't quite remember how they sounded, does anyone have an opinion compared to todays modern stuff?

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