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Beogram 1200 with SP10 (or 14 not quite sure)

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battsman posted on Sun, Aug 17 2014 12:42 PM

Hi guys hopefully someone will recognize my problem.
Bought off ebay (because it looks so fantastic) with a fault of running too slowly (Grease is fine so may be the belt it too tight ) anyway the fault that is bothering me is that it sounds very poor, very little low frequencies and distorted slightly. I do have an RIAA filter in my amp and my other record player sounds fine though it.
Taking the SP10 cartidge apart i found that the stylus stayed inside the aluminium cover as opposed to having to be 'levered off with a knife from the cartridge.' ( as stated in the how to replace stylus section )
My question is this, should the stylus be pushed on flat to cartridge? If so, should the 4 pins of the cartridge actually touch the sylus cross bit or does there have to be a gap? I'd imagine a gap is needed but how big a gap? My current arrangement would mean that the separation is about 0.25mm is this too much?
( I get the feeling that my cartridge is not an original...)

thanks in advance

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