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Beovox RL trim strap details

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Stoney3K posted on Mon, Apr 30 2012 6:47 PM

I picked up a pair of Beovox RL45.2 speakers at a flea market today to complement my Beosystem 2000. They still sound like clockwork, but have the common problem of having damaged grill straps.

Now the speakers were only 30 euros *for the pair*, so I got a good bargain out of them, but I still want to restore them to their original cosmetic condition as much as possible.

So I need some good RL series straps to go across my speaker grills. The easy way is to purchase new ones from Iconic AV or cut them from a piece of blank (opaque) PVC strip, but in both cases, they're still missing the silk screen printed details on the front.

I have one piece of the front strap which has the model number (RL45.2) printed in red ink. I don't know if the other strap has something printed on it as well, neither do I know the actual orientation of the strap with respect to the loudspeaker's bottom (or side) edges.

So, question for owners of an intact RL series loudspeaker with original B&O trim:

Can you post some detailed photographs of all the printwork on the front of the trim, and possibly, measurements so I can determine the positioning of the printwork?

If I have that I can send it off to a silk screen print shop and have new straps produced from a 2D design file. And I will be happy to share those designs with everyone (with specific model numbers) in downloadable PDF format, so everyone can enjoy some brand new RL straps. :)

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