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BeoGram with BeoCenter2500

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seife96 posted on Sun, May 4 2014 2:23 PM

Hello BEOworld,


My situation is this. I just got a couple of records and I am definitely on my way to vinyl. I have a BeoCenter 2500 Ouverture. I was looking for record players when I realized that the B&O tables are some of the best tables out there. To start my way into vinyl I went on ebay and started looking for deals. I found a nice Beogram 5005.


Now to my question. As a child born in the digital age I am not well educated on the vinyl option. I know between most amps and record players  a preamp is needed. Now the BeoCenter 2500 says: "Beogram LP (RIAA built-in) Via Aux socket"( I am not quite sure whether the RIAA pre-amp is buit into the BeoCenter 2500 or if the Beogram needs a built in RIAA pre-amp. As a 17 year old, price is important to me. The Ouverture is my dads' and if i get a good deal on the BeoGram I don't want to spend hunderts of more on a solid pre-amp.


Do I need a pre-amp and if yes what would you guys suggest?


Is a Beogram 5005 a good way to enter the vinyl world?

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Dave Farr
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Welcome to Beoworld;

the Beogram 5005 does not have a pre-amp of its own so you will need one.  Steve at Sounds Heavenly (found at the bottom of the Beoworld pages) sells an RIAA set for just under £60:

His cables are always exceptional and I expect this RIAA will be too as he understands B&O and the systems.

What will make an even bigger difference to how your vinyl sounds will be the cartridge.  Old cartridges normally at some stage suffer from suspension failure and sound awful.  Don't despair, they can be repaired by Axel at :

You may be lucky and the cartridge that comes with the Beogram (if there is one) may be OK for a while.

All the best with vinyl - you'll love it.


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Another option is to look for one of the Beograms with a built-in preamp, for example the 4500, 6500 or 7000. I have used my 6500 with my Beosystem 2500 and is in my opinion a better aesthetic match than the 5xxx series - the polished 'aluminium' trim around the controls and CD clamp matches the trim on the 6500 (as well as the 4500 and 7000) better than the more traditional finish on the 5xxx series

The only real downside is these will probably set you back slightly more than a 5005 and a separate pre-amp

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