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Beovision 8-26 and Apple Mac mini

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Oasis posted on Thu, Apr 24 2014 7:01 PM

I am considering using my Beovision 8-26 as a monitor with an Apple Mac mini. 

I am not using it to play games or watch movies, more for everyday browsing, reading emails, documents and maybe some web streaming. 

I always have reservation about using TV as a computer monitor but I have seen it being used at the dealer. 

I wonder if the resolution will be sufficient if I connect it via HDMI cable. 

Would be nice to see what people think and if any one has experience using a BV8 as monitor. 


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Aussie Michael
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I have seen in the past dealers also using the old Beovision 6 / Beocentre 6 as a computer monitor.

Personally I think that for up close computing like you're planning to do a BV is too bulky and the resolution not as great as you could get with a dedicated monitor, even though a BV is so much more beautiful to look at.

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Yes, it should work OK, but the maximum resolution will be 1366x768, akin to something you could typically find in an entry level 11-13" laptop. So at that screen size, the pixels will be painfully obvious when watching it close up and it'll probably just give you a headache unless you move it far away. But try it, all you need is a HDMI cable!


Nate Shaw
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The setup your proposing will be absolutely fine. I have to disagree with tournedos re; the resolution/pixels - if you are connecting the mac via HDMI you should be able to adjust the resolution all the way up to 1080p despite the Beovisions native limitations via System Preferences and Displays. If that doesn't work by virtue of the HDMI, just download an app called 'quickres' which should do the same thing. I have Macs connected to both a Beovision 8 and a Beovision 6 as a computer monitor without issue.

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