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DVD1 module repair

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Bjorn posted on Sun, Apr 6 2014 4:50 PM

Has anyone noticed the same issues that keep appearing on the DVD1 MK1? Aside from the philips mechanism failing after a while (I'm sure I can replace laser modules with my eyes closed now) the other main issue affecting playback seems to be with the main PCB. 

 I have refitted an increasing number of these in recent months, all with the same problem. After a while, the DVD1 stops playing any media, and the AV out fails. After a few issues of replacing optics, then finding out that it isn't the laser, I noticed an increasing occurrence of issues where the power supply to ASL1 starts to fail, causing this problem. 

Is this just limited to the MK1 models, or is this common across all DVD1? I seem to get a lot of issues with power supply modules.  Main problem on the MK1 power supply and microcomputer board is a scorch mark located near to C9 and L7.


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My DVD1 had similar problems. It began with restarts in the middle of the movie, it switched off without any reason and the time between these failures became shorter. A lot of DVD's had read errors, jumps, drop outs, and it reved up...

Meanwhile i had no access to menu and all buttons to control like -> or <- failed. Only play and stop worked, that means any navigation in a DVD menu failed.

And the B&O Menu is gone, replaced by a non working Philips menu.

Now i replaced all electrolyth caps on the power supply. There was no optical sign of any wear or tear, they looked all ok. No acid, no smell, nothing to see. I replaced 100% all of them, the complete power board. I just used better quality Panasonic FR 105 types, 5000h-10000h lifetime, same size and capacity/voltage. B&O alias Philips/BC used 2000h 85degree types... maybe 1000h types... 

The behaviour of the DVD1 changed completly. I can now navigate through the movie, all buttons work (on the front and on the BL1000) again. I can watch a movie without stops or resets, it works like new.

The only thing is: the MENU still does not work. It can be started, it is visible, but inside the menu no button works, there is no possibility to access any item.

And it looks like a PHILIPS Menu, not B&O. !!!

EDIT: Problem solved.

The DVD1 needs a software reset and the region code after this repair.

No DVD inside, press << and >> on the front, then power up 220V. Choose region code and confirm with PLAY.

It will make a reset. After the next power up the B&O Menu is available again.

Now my DVD1 works like new. 100% Big Smile






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