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Thanks Guy, I have sent them a message, appreciated!

I am not sure, perhaps there is a way to improve my settings as well?

Is there a reason this delay black screen shows for 6 seconds on every move I press play on? Is not the preview screen with the text about the movie in a certain frame rate as well? I thought this black screen was due to switching between different frame rates but if so 0% of the netflix movies has the same frame rate as the netflix’s general interface with all the preview screens, or?

The tv is located in sweden so I guess it is set to 50hz (I saw a setting for this in an older beovision 4 but on the avant no such setting that I see that I can edit).

I can set the apple-tv external box to either SDR 50hz or SDR 60hz

But it does not seem to matter if I set 50 or 60hz when I have the “match frame rate” on, it seems to do this handshake frame checking every time I play something.