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I think Andy’s question is different to music sharing across rooms. Like me (unless I am sorely mistaken) the question is that if a BV Theatre setup is playing a video source (be that live TV, Netflix or whatever), can one chose a BS2 or A9 (for example) in a different room play / join the audio part of the video/live Tv playing elsewhere on the BV Theatre. That is / was possible on BV10/11, BV12, Avant etc (i.e those on the BS4 platform) – those BVs have a menu setting for “share audio from video sources”. Being still on an older BV, like myself, Andy is asking whether that functionality is available on the Theatre. I actually dont know whether it is available on the Eclipse / Harmony either, or whether that option was removed. Its a use case I take advantage of reasonably often – for example if I’m watching the news, or the cricket etc on my living room BV12-65, I often go into the kitchen and just tap my BS2 which will then pick up the audio / sound from the BV12. i.e Network Link took care of everything. I’m popping in to my dealer on Friday, and will try and test out this specific scenario

Yep. That’s pretty much what I was asking. I regularly put the news on in the living room and go to the kitchen which is adjacent and join my BS1 to the TV’s audio. The rooms are near enough that if the audio was out of sync I’d notice. All I have to do is a double-tap the top of my BS1 and it Just Works (most of the time). Same with the BS2 I have upstairs. This was for me B&O’s Killer App and the reason I spent what most people would regard as a ridiculous amount of money on a television. The motorised stand and PUC were the icing on the cake.