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I think Andy’s question is different to music sharing across rooms.

Like me (unless I am sorely mistaken) the question is that if a BV Theatre setup is playing a video source (be that live TV, Netflix or whatever),  can one chose a BS2 or A9 (for example) in a different room play / join the audio part of the video/live Tv playing elsewhere on the BV Theatre.

That is / was possible on BV10/11, BV12, Avant etc (i.e those on the BS4 platform) – those BVs have a menu setting for “share audio from video sources”.

Being still on an older BV, like myself, Andy is asking whether that functionality is available on the Theatre.   I actually dont know whether it is available on the Eclipse / Harmony either, or whether that option was removed.

Its a use case I take advantage of reasonably often – for example if I’m watching the news, or the cricket etc on my living room BV12-65, I often go into the kitchen and just tap my BS2 which will then pick up the audio / sound from the BV12.

i.e Network Link took care of everything.

I’m popping in to my dealer on Friday, and will try and test out this specific scenario