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Not quite sure why I am chided about not providing enough info…. but anyway I’m going to have to use the configuration I have mentioned. I’m happy to stay with just an NL system with the ML components not being used so much. It means putting a NL/ML converter and a ML Passive in the ceiling void near the bathroom, but I guess that’s still the only way to do this. If I had confidence that a Beosound 35 would be safe from humidity – I’d probably try that – but it is unlikely.

The controller I mentioned is the IR eye which I’ve used successfully in a few bathrooms and they haven’t been affected by humidity and can be close-up controlled.

It’s a shame that B&O haven’t got a solution to receive NL (wired or wirelessly) – then output to a pair of passive speakers. Passive speakers – specially ones like Beovox 1 are relatively safe against humidity, so make ideal use for bathrooms.

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