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Agree with Guy.

The simplest thing would be to add an Essence MK2 – if you can get one.
Otherweise you’ll need the Core.
In this case you do not need the NL/ML Converter…..just your home network. Best use wired connection – be sure that your wireless network is working properly, in case you’d want to go for wifi.
This solution also offers you the option of using the sources of the Essence MK2/Core through your Beosystem 4 setup.

Please be aware that the Passive will need a special configured PL cable in order to turn on/off, when the PL/RJ45 from the Essence/Core is used.
You can contact Steve@SoundsHeavenly for further advice on cables – maybe someone can share the pin layout, if you want to DIY.


If you’d want to use NL/ML Converter solution – in order to keep your existing ML structure – you would also need an (ML-) Audiomaster in the ML chain or the socalled Powerbox, that can be used with the NL/ML Converter.
More about this later, if you should choose to go that route.