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good question, I’ve asked this before, and never quite been confident in the answers given.

Part of the reason is that seemingly very few require the scenario you describe (although like you, I use that audio sharing reasonably often). Both of my current BV’s are on the same B&O platform version as yours.

When the Eclipse came out, and I asked this question, I was told by a couple of respondents that the older menu / settings option of “share audio from video sources” was not there anymore.

My dealer (though I havent asked the q again for a while) last said to me it was possible – but I’m hesitant. While he (if I remember) can get it to work in the store, I think that is for internal video sources (like a YT video from the Eclipse LG YT app) – but I’d want to see it also work for video sources connected via HDMI.

I’m popping in to my dealer on Friday, so I’ll see what I can test out myself on the newer BV’s.