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I think the female connector is ok, I tried to take a photo with an Allan key openingĀ  the connector, and as far as I can tell it looks clean inside


Yes it’s the connector that the tone control daughter board sits on. I have had the amp for around a year and have very slowly been trying to fix a crackling issue that I isolated to happen when I wiggle the tone control board (I actually thought it was the connector for the wires to the board (p3), so I replaced it, but it wasn’t that). If I had the amp “open” i.e. on its little bonnet stand, it wouldn’t crackle too much, but if I closed it, it would crackle. I’m guessing the different angle was shifting how the board was putting pressure on the connector.


Cleaning it up definitely seems to have made most the crackling disappear, so big improvement.

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