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I took your advice and started checking all the voltages and connections – once confirming that all of the white jumpers were correctly wired, I then decided to test all of the black transistors. TR-6, TR-17, and TR-19 (which given the schematic, seemed to cause the servo motor issue) were each out of spec and were replaced with new BC 547B transistors.

Now the issue of the 33 RPM button engaging the slide transport, is gone. I can press the 33 RPM button and the unit will not engage the slide transport without me pressing “<“. That said, when pressing the “<“ after pressing the 33 RPM button, the slide transport starts, but then dies. Some progress, although minute!

The “START button will only work by pressing and holding it down. The slide transport (now) seems to be the correct speed and not fast as before. Once “START” is let go, the slide transport stops and the solenoid engages and disengages. Allowing the slide transport to go clear to the end results in it wanting to return, but with the issue of the slide transport stopping and the solenoid engaging and disengaging (all while holding “START”). I have uploaded a new video here of an explanation and the phenomena.