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On a different aspect of the Theatre, it is worth noting that any brand of TV can be used. However, full integration (with control via a B&O remote) is gained by using the recommended LG G2 panels.

The 55″, 65″ and 77″ G series panels are the officially recommended options, but the 83″ and even 97″ G2 panels will also work seamlessly with the Theatre. As these are too large for the B&O brackets, these larger panels should be wall mounted independently from the Theatre, instead of using the B&O wall or floor mounts. HDMI and Ethernet cables are included with the Theatre to link to the TV panel. However, when wall mounting a larger TV separately from the Theatre, a longer HDMI 2.1 and Ethernet cable may be needed:-

HDMI 2.1:

The Theatre has a four port Ethernet Hub, so only one cable is needed to your internet router and the Theatre can then distribute wired Ethernet connections to your TV and video sources.

Any Beolab speakers (right back to the original Beolab Penta in 1986) can be connected to the four stereo RJ45 Powerlink sockets of the Theatre. WiSA wireless Powerlink options are also available for compatible Beolab speakers (up to 8 wired speakers and 8 wireless speakers can be connected in total).

The Theatre has the acoustic performance of all Beolab speakers (plus Beovox 1 and 2) encoded internally, so it can intelligently share bass between all the speakers that are connected, according to their capabilities. Speakers that have a “Free/Wall/Corner” switch for bass level should generally be set to “Free” when connected to the Theatre, as this gives a flat frequency response to allow the Theatre to manage their bass capabilities to best advantage. The exception to this is Beolab Penta, which gives a flat bass response when set to “Wall” (mid switch position).

As the Theatre carries out room compensation on all connected speakers, they will actually perform better when used with the Theatre than they do on their own. The Theatre also has the magnitude response and phase response of all Beolab speakers coded into its software (ie. the performance of the speakers again frequency and time), so that any design quirks in the speakers will be corrected when they are played from the Theatre. This correction also applies when using a conventional music system to play to the speakers via the USB-C audio input of the Theatre.

As the Theatre only has four RJ45 speaker sockets, RH45 to Powerlink splitters can be helpful to allow for the maximum eight wired speaker connections:-

Hope this is helpful!

Kind regards, Steve.