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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi Keith,

Thanks for setting up this thread, which should become a useful resource for anyone wanting to get the best from Beosound Theatre. Please add to it if you have knowledge to share!

I will start by confirming that the Theatre has a USB-C input for stereo analogue audio. By using this adapter and a suitable cable, any audio source can be played through the Theatre (and also to any connected speakers):-

By adding a suitable cable (available at, any audio source can be connected, including Beosound music systems, Beogram turntables, music streamers, open-reel tape decks, as well as many other devices.

To enable the Line input on the Theatre, please open the B&O app, select the Theatre from the list of products and go to “Source List”. Choose “Line Input” and set the input type to “Music”. Go back to “Sound Settings” and turn on “Auto Sense” for the line input, with the sensitivity set to Medium.

If you are connecting a music source that has its own volume control (eg. the Powerlink output of a Beosound 9000) then please set the volume of the music source to around 50-75% to give normal control from the Theatre remote.

Hope this is helpful!

Kind regards, Steve.