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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback. The podcast is made up of a group of friends with very different views and backgrounds, but united by our shared love for B&O. Live group chats are always unpredictable in nature (especially when English is a second language for most of the group), but this often makes for a more interesting discussion. My personal approach is to always present as though children are watching, but each member of the group is free to make their own decision on how they wish to appear online.

There is a great range of experience between the group, as we have all been buying, setting up and enjoying B&O products over many years. Theatre is an item that is of particular interest to us all and hence it was no surprise that the viewing figures for last night’s episode were quite a bit higher than usual.

I like the idea of a “knowledge base” for the Theatre – maybe that could be a “sticky” thread on BeoWorld? What do you think?

Kind regards, Steve.