Reply To: beogram 5500 turntable repair, gear disassembly?

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I think I know what happened: because I lost the C clip for part 1634, it wasn’t pressed all the way down. A clue would have been I noticed the platter looked like it was rubbing on the top of 1634, before I powered it up.


So something down in the gears wasn’t right: when I powered it up and the motor hit that resistance, it might have killed the solonoid piston, which is why it won’t  even power on now that I’ve seated 1634 properly. I can’t find the C clip either: I knew something was going to fly off despite being careful: this is such a fiddly POS to work on.


Unless I have the gears installed wrong & there is a switch stopping the circuit from starting. I saw reference to gear installation the 3rd time I looked thru the service manual. Will check it out tommorrow, I don’t feel like pulling this apart again tonight.


Hopefully this log is useful for someone else.