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As far as Halo’s go that is.

spot on 😉

Well I installed the new firmware and the battery life of the table model seems significantly worse again:( Also I just encountered the dreaded boot-loop bug again, that was fixed a couple op updates back and not seen since then, it’s back! 🙁

the connection with my Level Stereo pair seems pretty stable, but now with the Edge it’s hairy. Sometimes it takes ten’s of seconds before Halo can find the Edge and display track info. Rebooting the Halo and Edge does not help. I have recently even installed a new wifi router since I had a rather old one and was hoping all the Halo connections issues were a result of being not compatible with the old wifi hardware. But no difference. Also fixed IP adresses did not help. The Levels have some kind of descent hardware controls on board but the Edge simply needs a Halo or a phone for daily use , the last I refuse. I just want a working B&O ecosystem with the phone / tablet just necessary for configuration purposes and not daily use. The essence remote works pretty good with the Edge, but that one does not provide track info. B&O please make a MK2 wheely, smaller , matching metal colours and small track info display. You will sell loads of them….

my Halo has been flying out of the window ALMOST 50 times now , but every time I’m able to control myself ;).

Another thing, I have reported to B&O support now about 5 times the Gold Tone colour still cannot be selected in the settings menu, even after at least ten B&O app updates in iOS since the initial report. The thing has been for sale like a year now, it’s a detail but still rather annoying for hardware at this pricepoint.