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I decided to take the “restomod” path with my Pentas since they were a bit rough when I bought them used. The yellow covers were cracked and glued back together several times and looked pretty bad. The grill fabric was also in need of replacement. The bases had their share of scuffs and scratches. I ended up repainting all of the gray and mirrored parts. I went through two iterations with the display covers.

The first iteration was fill in the cracks and paint the covers. Of course, I lost the use of the displays. This is a feature that I really didn’t “need” and I haven’t missed having it.


The second iteration was to make a 3D printed part that matched the grooved trim piece. This actually matches much better than the picture makes it look (flash problem?).


I also experimented with designs with a painted cover with a cutout for the original display. I also tried fitting a replacement color TFT display in place of the original display. In the end, we (by “we”, I mean my wife) decided that the speakers fit our decor better without the displays.