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Lausvi, your avatar rocks…

Ha, thanks! 🙂


Thanks for that Lausvi – sounds promising! R3 is also 5.6 Ohms but it’s on the top side of the board near that white bridging wire (hidden by the IR module in my first picture). Did you find/fit a flameproof equivalent/replacement?

Ah, now I had a look at the schematics and indeed there were two 5.6 ohm resistors. I believe I had to remove the IR module to get access…

My local dealer had one listed as a ‘flame proof resistor’, which appears to be a SPRX1/2 by Koa. The datasheet states: ‘fixed metal film, Flameproof, Ceramic Body, Flame Retardant Coating”. This was as good as I could get at the time.

In any case neither of the LC2s are in use, and I was planning to recap those anyway if I were to use them again…

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