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Hi KolfMAKER, I posted some pictures a while ago when I fixed my BeoLab 8000s (and 6000s): Unfortunately the photographs have gone (as Guy said already) but I still had them. I did use fabric from that to me is very nice material. In my view the limited stretch works much better than panty material that seems to have infinite stretch, but also can get too thin when stretched too much. I used akustikstoff’s standard black (10) fabric.

I decided to use double sided tape (HPX ultra mount tape) that is thin and very sticky to both the plastic of the fret and the cloth.

My frames were quite bad with the top flap and some of the clips on the side loose. The vertical long strips of tape on the inside of the frames I positioned deeper to make sure the working of the clips is not affected.

The flap in the top is the most fiddly part. But with a bit of patience the result will be much better than before. Hope this helps, good luck!