Reply To: Beogram 4002 (5511) – turns on when it is turned off

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No help possible ??? /  Unfortunately I have not found the reason for the issue yet.

Are none of the experienced members familiar with the issue I have described.

Obvious it is an electrical issue on the PCB board (main board). I’m not sure what to check next. I have measured on all the transistors – and diodes and they looks to be fine. I might decide partly to replace more or less all components on the pcb until the faulty component shows up. I could do so because I have a correct working 4002 also. But I assume that there might be 150 components or more on the pcb – so that is going to be a big task anyway – and I think there also might be a risk that something could go wrong – so I might end up with two turntables with issues instead of one.

However if I begin to exchange components – what would most likely need to be replaced now. (cylindrical caps are replaced – and as mentioned transistors and diodes seams to be ok).


BR Behsen