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Many thanks, Guy for your explanations and valuable advice. I will add the Delay-box to my list of stuff to acquire. Also, thank you for the link to Iconic-AV. I will contact them for the RIAA preamp. However, I still can’t stop thinking about the necessity of a Beomaster in the system. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Beomaster was needed to receive the IR commands and convert them to DATA-link so that the Beogram can be controlled remotely (since it doesn’t have its own IR receiver). In a system based on NL, however, necessary commands can be sent by Halo to the Beomaster (and through it to Beogram), enabling control of the Beogram. This signal is received from Halo -> NL -> NL/ML converter, which converts the signal to ML signals, and then the ML singles are converted again to DL signals (though BL Converter 1611) and sent from there to the Beogram (through the Beomaster). Since it seems like the Beomaster is necessary, it would be great to understand what Beomaster does to the signal (if any) before it is sent to the Beogram. However, If there is no change to the signal, it should be possible to eliminate the Beomaster.

1) you could connect the Beogram to the BLC (line-in), but you only can select the source line-in. You cannot control the Beogram (none at all, with or without RIAA preamp).
2) so there we have the difference, you need “brains” to control the Beogram! And these brains are provided by the Beomaster (nothing else will do).