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Great diagram – very clear!

I do think that you will have to use a Beomaster in order to then adopt one of Carolpa’s options.  However, some observations:

  • If you decide to use a BM7000, be aware that not all (not many?) are fitted with RIAA amplifiers which will be required for your BG9500.
  • You could get rid of the BL1611 by using an audiomaster such as Beosound Ouverture, which as far as I know is the only Beomaster with both ML and datalink.  However, you would still need an RIAA stage.
  • In order to solve the RIAA requirement whilst still using datalink you could look for (or build) something like this (I am not sure if Iconic AV are still in business):
  • If connected as shown, then in Room 2 you would have a phase difference (sound delay) between the Beolab 11 and the Beosound Levels.  The output from the Beomaster (and direct to the BeoLab 11) is analogue, but is converted to digital in the ML/NL converter (hence delay) and further converted back to analogue in the Levels (hence more delay).  This is the reason why mixed ML NL systems often use a NL/ML delay box to ‘delay’ the analogue part of the system (ML) to match the digital part (NL).  In your setup, such a box could only be introduced to match BM7000 output (to Beolab 11) to NL sources, not the other way around!
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