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congratulations, what spec did you go for, if you dont mind me asking?!

I went for the basic 55″ in silver andgrey melange and just the included wall mount. I plan to upgrade to 77″ and oak sometime later. FYI, the part of the total price for the fabric is $200. So I suppose that buying just the oak grill later will be an additional $200 on top of the price difference on the website. I would have like the gold tone, but I was told that might be backordered until the end of the year. It’s expected that I’ll receive mine by the middle of October.

I’m going to try to keep my cable from the BeoSystem 4 in place as they are as much as possible. I’ll try to run Cat7 cables from the Theatre’s powerlink sockets to connect to the cables I used for the BeoSystem 4 via RJ45 couplers. It seems less of a mess to have 4 Cat7 cables running from the Theatre than 8 DIN powerlink cables running from the Theatre.

I’m curious to see how much better the Theatre will be replacing my BeoLab 10.

I’m not sure whether I will use the Theatre as just the center channel speaker and keep my BeoLab 9 speakers as front left and right speakers or if I will use the Theater for front left, center, and front right channels and use my BeoLab 9 speakers as wide left and wide right speakers. Any thoughts anyone?