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I think my first 8000’s must have been mark 1s as they were bought in the very late 1990s – they replaced RL60.2. Both used with a Beocenter 9300 – I remember not being impressed then compared to the RL60s but after a while i grew to love the sound of them and never thought they lacked bass, maybe they needed some time to wear in?

I now also use a Playmaker for streaming, i have it plugged into a Quad 303 as it drives my M100-2 speakers superbly and if i want more bass i can turn it up on the playmaker. Like you i mainly listen to vinyl (BG4002) and i find the playmaker a brilliantly simple but great quality preamp that can stream music too. The M100-2s and they are the best B&O speaker that i have owned – but bear in mind I can’t afford Beolab 5s and upwards so I cant compare them with those – but to me they are fantastic. I recapped them with a kit from Dillen and the performance now must be close to when they were new if not better.

Prior to the Playmaker/Quad combo I tried an Audio Icon valve amp with KT88 valves – the result was very involving but i found there was too much bass and slightly muddled lower end. Beolink Passive was just not powerful enough. Quad 33/303 very good but not as warm as playmaker/303, Beomaster 2200 great, Beomaster 6000 brilliant, Beomaster 6500 slightly muffled and nowhere near as open as the 6000.

I guess the thing is to experiment and find the sound you like