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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Thanks Beojeff,

I’m looking into cable management options, but so far the indications are that many people are looking to have the TV mounted directly onto the Theatre, so cabling can be kept tidy within the stand assembly.

Yes, the shielded RJ45 coupler is a good option for extending cables, this is small and easy to hide. As my one-piece RJ45 to male Powerlink cables start at 1.8m, the popular option for connecting an older Beolab speaker with a Receiver 1 is (as you mentioned) using a 0.1m RJ45 to female Powerlink adapter, plus a 0.5m Powerlink mk.3 cable. So far there haven’t been enough requests for the shorter one-piece RJ45 to male Powerlink cable to justify a production run, but I am actively monitoring this.

I’m working on the connections video this week, I will update on this thread once it is ready. Thanks again for your input!

Kind regards, Steve.