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Hi Beoworlders, If you are considering buying the new Beosound Theatre, please can you let me know which audio products you would want to use it with? Query This could be an existing Beosound music system, a Beogram turntable, non-B&O speakers, or something completely different… I will then cover how to make all the connections in my next YouTube video. Kind regards, Steve.


A good area to look at here is cable management with an upgrade from the BeoSystem 4. My Beosystem 4 is near a wall other than the wall with my tv. In thinking about how to handle the cabling, I rather like the idea of not having to run new cables. Do you see disadvantages to using your “Shielded RJ45 Coupler” connected to Cat7 cables coming out of the Beosound Theater Powerlink sockets? That would seem like a clean way to manage the cables.

Also, I have a BeoLab Transmitter 1 that I could use with the BeoSound Theater to connect to the 4 BeoLab RJ45 ports and then use WISA to send the sound from the Transmitter 1 to up to 8 of my classic Din8 Beolab speakers. When connecting a Beolab Receiver 1 to a Beolab speaker, do you find that people prefer to use the RJ45 to Powerlink Clip-On adapter that you offer or do people prefer a longer cable like the 1.8 meter adapter that you offer?