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Regarding 50s or 90s, I listened to both at my dealer.

Though the 90s were never a realistic option for me, just a touch too big for my living room.

They’re a different beast to the 50s of course, and simply incredible. But the 50s, whilst different, are also pretty special.

For me, I wanted speakers that would allow me to wallow in music properly, and much better than the 18s that I had before (which were in themselves, and with other rear speakers etc) very good for movies. But my focus is more on music now, and whilst 50s too were a lot of money, I wanted something which would be my last ever speakers. So in that context, zero regrets.

I love that with both 50s and 90s, I could very easily let them share duties with my Beovison, because of the various / multiple connection options. My BV is connected to the 50s for tv / movies via usual power link connections. But my music chain (Linn streamer/DAC and turntable) are connected directly to the 50s, bypassing the Beovison, via RCA.

Its a best of both worlds setup, and I wouldnt have any other way.

If I had a larger living space, I probably would have opted for the 90s though – not only for sonic reasons, but also their design in more distinctive. The 50s design isn’t as strong, but with the aluminium fronts and smoked oak frets, they can be dressed up to look pretty fancy too.

You’d be very happy with either to be honest.