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Isn’t it possible that there is just a general big misconception about using and enjoying the Edge? This is mostly fed by B&O’s failing marketing when the product was released and actually boosted even further by the optional wall mount ? This wall mount and the Edge being displayed as a clock in so many press images might have given the general public the idea this is the only suitable setup for a Beosound Edge?


But then there are the later A9 generations with drivers on the back as well…….but nobody is complaining about placement issues with that one! Because main reason for the back drivers was to give it a wider spacious sound as a standalone speaker right? (Using wall / corner reflection obviously). And that is exactly what the two drivers on the back of an edge are doing as well when placed near a wall.

It’s a guess but my idea is that quit a big part of the A9 users have it near a wall instead of free standing also maximizing performance of the back drivers.


The symmetric design of the Edge makes you believe it shouldn’t be placed near a wall but this is just not true. The beam control function in the B&O app with it’s (nice!) visual presentation perhaps also even emphasizes this assumed optimal free standing (hanging) position.


A9 (later versions with back drivers) and Edge have more in common then people might think, with the active bass port and huge bass driver as biggest differences obviously.

Could it be possible people at B&O dealers have listened to Edge and A9 with a wrong setting in Edge beam control resulting in a disappointing Edge performance compared to A9? Don’t remember what default setting was after initial setup but B&O with software/firmware reputation  I wouldn’t be surprised that it was front only (the first of the three “buttons” in beam control!)

Beam control settings have a HUGE impact!


But this is just a theory…..


I have played a lot with the Edge and i just absolutely love the sound of it. Even at lower levels (bass port closed!) you can easily feel the bass in bass heavy tracks. I have only compared it to my set of Levels configured in stereopair but that’s a matter of apple’s and oranges due to the latter obviously having full stereo capabilities. So for the moment I use them both alternately depending on music choice, volume and knowing the neighbors being at home or not:).


Regarding the roll mechanism for volume control, i simply never use it, don’t like it at all. The Edge and Levels are both controlled with the Halo as well as a remote wheely. Can’t emphasize the brilliance of that nifty little remote enough for usage with almost any Beosound product. They should make a new MK2 (miniature) version of it clever commercially positioned between Halo and Beoremote ONE . And in more colours please!

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