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1: Yes, it can….but you will not be able to (remote) control it……that was what you asked for in your initial posting.

2: Yes, otherweise you won’t be able to utilize the needed datalink connection (that it where the controlling happens).

3: Yes, and furthermore any older master (e.g. a BM4500/6500….) that is connected to the ML chain using a 1611 Beolink Converter.

4: Hard to say – but you are limited to one with datalink (e.g. a 4500, 6500….), if it should be controlable via the NL devices.


Honestly – the easiest way would be to connect a turntable of your choice (you might need a riaa amp) to the line-in of a M3 or an additional Essence MK2 without connected speakers – this way it will be accessable in the NL chain……

….…you will need to place the vinyl disc physically on the turntable and turn it over after 20 minutes anyway 😉