Reply To: BeoVision 7-40 LED – t-con board ohne Versorgungsspannung

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To find the exact capacitance of the cap, the only way would be to remove it on a working board, measure it, and put in back in place. Perhaps also there is a schematic of the T-CON board somewhere.

So it is! But the problem is that to remove a working t-con board from the BV is too time-consuming and I think that nobody “destroy” a good BV7-40 only to get the value of this tiny capacitor. If anybody owns a working t-con board for the BV7-40 MK6 and want to sell it … here is your buyer!

I tried all to get the schematic of the t-con board but without success. I wrote an email to SAMSUNG with the result that they said, ‘It’s a B&O and therefore we have no schematics or manuals for the panel or t-con or LED driver’.

The answer from B&O is, ‘We don’t give any documents to end customers and by the way it’s a SAMUNG device’.

It is really frustrating to deal with such arguments. Maybe some day WE – and of course the manufactures – realize that we have to get rid of the “throwaway society”.